AUST-MTIC International Business Development:

 AUST-MTIC is recognised and respected for being highly effective and capable in multitasking that continually strives to cultivate and hone our corporate skills, that are specific to the market we are working within.

Our focus is to substantially Value Add to our clients operations by undertaking an integral independent key role within our clients operations, as their trusted and respected independent International Business Development arm, that  provides a high level of Client Services, by developing Market Entry Strategies that fulfils and  meets our Client's needs, expectations and requirements to their utmost satisfaction, with focus on their business profitability.

Topics that are common to international business development operations include: 

* Ethics

* Philosophy

* Economics

* Politics

* Marketing

* Management

* Technology

AUST-MTIC International Business Development operations headed by Bruce Glover (Director, CEO), can provides your group with extensive  Senior Management and Business Development experience that includes:-

  • Knowledge of the legalities of strategic relationships.
  • Licensing, partnering, intellectual property.
  • Emerging technologies.
  • Fair practices, cultural differences.
  •  Marketing to generate Profitable Sales generation.
  • Information Management.
  • HNW Finance - Project & Business Funding
  •  Marketing, Advertising

AUST-MTIC Business Development Services can substantially value add to your Intended Operations by  Minimising Risk and Increasing likely Success and Profitability. 

AUST-MTIC Business Development Depth of Experience Includes:-

  1. Establishing the Feasibility of International Trade - by assessing the potential gains minimising risk to establish market feasibility 
  2. Market Expansion Planning - through developing a comprehensive detailed business plan and assisting our clients with the implementation, by developing the strategies to manage any identified risk.
  3. Creating Effective Market Entry Strategies - by understanding the importance of researching market entry options, analysing these options and the determining the best entry strategies and means best for client's needs.
  4. Adapting Products & Services - for the desired international target market sector.
  5. International Sales & Marketing - fully understanding that marketing can create demand and the importance of having an effective sales strategy being essential to profit from this demand ensuring that the client's product or services fulfils the needs and interests of the defined international market.
  6. Intercultural Competence -understanding the differences in cultures and how they impact on international business and the importance of establishing and consolidating quality respected relationship globally.
  7. International Law & Ethics - understanding and respecting basic legal principals and compliance with both domestic and foreign legal requirements.
  8. Devising merger/acquisition strategies, identification and vetting of target companies, developing strategic rationale for transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance, and assisting with cross-cultural communications.
  9. Providing  Strategic Management service, identifying and creating new market opportunities, or penetrating existing markets, by introducing new products and services to businesses, individuals, non-profit organisations and government agencies.
  10. Australian & New Zealand Business & Student Migration strategies.



 is founded on our Core Values 

"Trust - Transparency - Loyalty - Respect"


Our Mission is to conduct all Personal and  Business dealings with the highest level of Integrity and Transparency, that forms strong Alliances and Relationships through AUST-MTIC'S entire Operations that includes all  Business Dealings, Business Development Services, Consultancy Services, International Trade and HNW Investment Services provided.






The Hon KAREN ANDREWS MP (Federal Member for McPherson)

23 November 2013

This letter serves to introduce Mr Bruce Glover, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Head of International Business Development for Australasia - Mining Trade & Investment Corporation Pty Limited (AUST-MTIC), 17 Stonyfell Crt Varsity Lakes Queensland, Australia, who has been personally known to me scince I was first elected as the Federal Member for McPherson in 2010.

I understand that Mr Glover's company AUST-MTIC was recently nominated for a Queensland Export Port Award in 2013. This was quiet an achievement since the company was only established in 2012. I am aware that Mr Glover's company is actively involved in establishing Long Term International Reciprocal Trade and High Net Worth Investment Opportunities into Australia and throughout Australasia.

In his role of Director CEO and Head of International Business Development Mr Glover Is focused on developing strong alliances with the mining sector, in particular formulating and consolidating stronger relationships for International Companies wishing to pursue supply contracts within Australian Mines and Agribusiness sectors

Mr Glover has embedded within his company strong core business values of "Trust, Transparency, Loyalty & Respect" and in the time I have known him he has certainly demonstrated this on a professional and personal basis. In addition, Mr Gloveris a respected Justice of the Peace (Qualified), serving the Queensland community in a voluntary capacity. 

I commend Mr Glover to you as a person of high integrity. I would appreciate you providing him with assistance during his visit to Singapore and China.

Yours sincerely

The Hon Karen Andrews MP

Federal Member for McPherson

Now ... Minister for Industry, Science & Technology

Australian Federal Government

The Hon  STEVEN CIOBO MP (Federal Member for Moncrieff)

22 February 2013


Mr Glover, Chief Executive Officer of Australasia – Mining Trade & Investment

Corporation Proprietary Limited (Aust-MTIC), has requested this letter of

introduction after meeting with me.

Mr Glover informs me Aust-MTIC specialises in business development,

procurement and trading involving Australian resources companies.

I understand Mr Glover is pursuing opportunities internationally for his Gold Coast

based company.

I note their company mantra is “high integrity, honesty, transparency and

accountability” and I understand they have several alliance partners across the

resources industry.

Yours faithfully

The Hon Steven Ciobo MP

Federal Member for Moncrieff

Australian Federal Government

XP    Xtracta Pacific Resources Pty Ltd

20th August 2012



This letter serves to formally introduce Mr Bruce Glover Director, CEO Head of International

Business Development Pty Limited for Australasia- Mining Trade & Investment Corporation Pty


It gives the writer the greatest of pleasure in reaffirming Xtracta Pacific Philippines Inc's (XPP)

partnership alliance with AUST-MTIC with our Iron Ore & Pelletizing Plant and Gold Mining

operations within the Philippines.

We have known Bruce Glover and his AUST-MTIC team since May 2012 and in this time XPP

has had considerable confidential dealings with Mr Glover. Bruce's dedication and commitment has

caused mutual respect to flourish and through AUST-MTIC we are confident that our objectives

will be fulfilled. We foresee this mutually beneficial relationship as a continuing one.

From a personal point of view, our relationship with Bruce and been especially pleasing and

respectful. Bruce founded and built AUST-MTIC with the business core values: 'Trust,

Transparency, Loyalty, Respect' and this evident in all dealings we have had with Bruce and

Andrea De Marco (Director - Client Relations) values that equates seamlessly with our company

values espoused in its motto 'Aspire and Inspire for Achievement'.

Xtracta Pacific Philippines Inc has no hesitation whatsoever, in fully endorsing and recommending

AUST-MTIC generally and Bruce Glover specifically to you, as highly trustworthy and competent

International Business Development Professionals. An Australian corporation reliable and effective

when considering Mining, Trade or Investment services.

Yours faithfully

Colin Godfrey

President & CEO

XP    Xtracta Pacific Resources Pty Ltd

 23rd February 2013

Australasia Mining Trade & Investment Corporation Pty Limited

Gold Coast



Dear Directors - 

Alliance Partnership

It gives the writer the greatest pleasure in reaffirming Xtracta Pacific Resources Pty Ltd 's partnership alliance with Australasia Mining Trade & Investment Corporation Pty Limited (AUST-MTIC) .

The course of this alliance to date has seen the parties mutual respect grow and flourish. From a personal point of view, the relationship with AUST-MTIC generally and with  Bruce Glover Director and the CEO in particular has been especially pleasing and rewarding. The core values of both of our companies are summed up in AUST-MTIC's words "Trust, Transparency, Loyalty, Respect" and remain both comfortable and optimistic in our longer view of our business because of this alliance. 

We understand that Mr Glover will be travelling to China and Singapore in the next few weeks  and would take this opportunity of wishing him well in his endeavours. 

Yours faithfully 

Douglas R. Williams 




Friday, May 10, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Bruce Glover for approximately 8 years and can assure you of his considerable

professionalism and capability.

Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting with Andrea Demarco (Director of AUST-MTIC)

whom I am very comfortable in dealing with, from my first introduction I found her to be of a

high professional caliber.

Bruce Glover is the CEO of International Business Development for Australasia Mining

Trade & Investment Corporation Pty Limited (AUST-MTIC) our company has used AUSTMTIC

professional Procurement & Supply services in selling Thermal Coal from our New

Zealand Mining Operations; in addition we have used AUST-MTIC professional procurement

services in both Australia and New Zealand.

We have found AUST-MTIC to be a most professional and capable company to work with,

demonstrated by their emphasis on integrity and transparency, which in turn has resulted in

our satisfaction and willingness to continue our direct association with AUST-MTIC.

Yours faithfully,

Edwin Grant Hoskins

Chief Executive Officer



The Honourable Campbell Newman MP

Premier of Queensland

on behalf of the Queensland Government

requests the pleasure of the company of

Mr Bruce J. Glover (Director CEO)

at a Reception in honour of

His Excellency Mr Yoshitaka Akimoto

Ambassador of Japan to Australia

and Mrs Kumiko Akimoto

Premiers’ and Speakers’ Halls

Parliamentary Annexe

Alice Street, Brisbane